About me

 teaching 'the why' behind everything we do

Primi Cachero has an extensive career of over 30 years in the software industry since 1992 and in Lean since 2006, thanks to Arcelormittal Ensidesa Asturias (steel sector). Throughout his professional life, he has been a catalyst for profound transformations in various sectors, including steel, aerospace, military, banking, institutional, small businesses, sports, energy, automotive, healthcare, telecommunications, insurance, postal services, and infrastructure, among others. His dedication and experience have led to notable successes, establishing him as a respected leader in the development of products and services with social impact, behavior changes, and continuous improvement (Kaizen) from strategy to the gemba (where things really happen).

Primi Cachero is a global authority, honored as the only mentee in Spain in TPS Leadership under the mentorship of Toyota's Sensei, Ritsuo Shingo, forging his own path as a Lean Change Leadership Trainer., embodying five core principles:

Genchi Genbutsu: Actively investigating and understanding situations firsthand to propose effective solutions. Senekawo Miseru: Upholding principles with unwavering integrity, regardless of personal consequences. Never Give Up: Demonstrating perseverance and resilience, always grounded in respect

Drawing from Shingo-San's teachings:

• He who is not dissatisfied will never progress • Create your own path

Primi Cachero can help you:
• Developing authentic leaders to drive meaningful behavioral changes
• Guiding organizations from initial states to sustained improvement on the operational front
• Enhancing strategic and operational efficiency, optimizing processes, and elevating customer-perceived quality across various industries and organizational scales
• Pioneering the application of artificial intelligence through the Spanish GPT "Liderazgo Práctico Lean Responde," enabling focused time for reflection and collaborative creation of real, impactful changes from the gemba

These efforts are crucial because they enable the attainment of superior, innovative outcomes that align with the evolving needs of contemporary society, ensuring satisfaction for real, end customers.