About me

 teaching 'the why' behind everything we do

"Those who are not dissatisfied will never progress" - Shigeo Shingo 

With over 30 years of experience, Primi Cachero embarked on his Lean journey in 2006 and Agile journey in 2009. Throughout his extensive career, he has been a facilitator of profound organizational transformations, spanning strategic, behavioral, and methodological aspects, across a wide range of industries, including aerospace, military, banking, government, retail, sports, energy, automotive, healthcare, telecommunications, insurance, postal services, and infrastructure.

After more than a decade as a change agent, Primi Cachero has the honor of being the sole Senpai of Toyota's Sensei, Ritsuo Shingo, in Spain, mentored in Lean Leadership by him, becoming an Official Trainer of Lean Change and Change Agility, to forge his own path as a Lean Change Leadership Trainer, aiding organizations in achieving their outcomes with adaptable and efficient change management beyond Agility, fostering Organizational Resilience and Antifragility through sustainable behavioral change.

Guided by three fundamental principles: • Genchi Genbutsu: Primi Cachero firmly believes in firsthand experience as the cornerstone for comprehending and addressing organizational challenges. • Senekawo Miseru: He emphasizes transparency and accountability as key elements in the change process. • Never Give Up: Perseverance and resilience form the foundation of his approach. How can Primi Cachero assist you? • Driving transformative changes, co-created with involved individuals, through Lean Change to foster the necessary Change Agility in current and future organizations. • Cultivating authentic leaders beyond agile leadership through Practical Lean Leadership, developing more effective individuals with KBIs (Key Behavior Indicators) that build sustainable companies. • Leading companies from Continuous Appearance to Continuous Improvement, focusing on efficiency and adaptability through Flow. • Assisting individuals through artificial intelligence used in their daily lives, among other things with the Spanish GPT "Lean Change Responde", to free up time for thinking and co-creating the necessary evolution in their contexts.

He has tried to train with the best to draw from the original source and create enriching experiences wherever he has been:

• Lean Change & Change Agility Trainer, Lean Change Agent & Change Agilist with Jason Little

• TPS Leadership, Practical Leadership Skills, Kaizen & Gemba Walk with Toyota's Sensei Ritsuo Shingo

• The Flow Systems Foundations with Nigel Thurlow

• Certified Agile Leader (CAL) with Angel Diaz Maroto & Scrum Alliance

• Kanban Coaching Professional, Enterprise Service Planning Professional with Kanban (ESPP), Evolving Fit-for-Purpose Organizations & Kanban Management Professional with David J.Anderson

• Certified Scrum@Scale Practitioner with Dr. Jeff Sutherland

•  Certified Scrum Professional, Product Owner & Scrum Master with Scrum Alliance

• Green Belt Lean 6-Sigma

Collaborating with Primi Cachero ensures not only a commitment to change but also a results-oriented strategic approach and changes in people's behaviors that propel organizations toward sustainable progress and success over time.