The agile seed in the Inception

When an agile project begins, we are used to do this through a "Inception", where it is defining a vision of the project, roles are defined, a first backlog is generated, etc.

In very few cases, in my experience and in my view, a true "agile inception" is generated, and by this term I understand a whole, a project vision and agile vision of the project, the team, the Scrum Master, Product Owner and stakeholders.

In many cases, someone has decided that the project is ideal for "do with scrum". Then you find that the Product Owner is internal to the company, the team is an outsourced external equipment and Scrum Master is another outsider, of course, of a different company. Three companies doing agile software project, without knowing each other under any circumstances.

Under the premise that agile saves money, or doing more with less (I'm still trying to understand where that people take) allows, managed correctly, provide more productivity to end customers and adapt to their needs, with a greater degree hit or lesser degree of error with the client.

In this step, you should make an Inception not only to generate a Product Backlog, what we want ?, What features are necessary ?, What we want to achieve ROI ?, etc.We must create a culture Inception agile, or "sow the seed agile." To this we must answer certain questions:

Why do we want this team ?, What we will bring the team ?, What will bring the Scrum Master ?, What will bring the Product Owner bring us ?, What ?, Do stakeholders have identified correctly ?, Are the necessary skills in this group of people to do the agile product? What skills of each team member ?, What skills are missing to have the team ready ?, What values ​​have team members, ScrumMaster, Product Owner and Stakeholders? How will we work on those values? How to get the team is self-organized ?. How will we manage agile culture instill in the team? And in the stakeholders?

Many of these questions formulates the Scrum Master or performs and works along the sprints, right.As important as Inception Product, where everyone involved should understand what will make the product, what is to be done, what will make the product, and align correctly all involved it is to align culturally agile values ​​to all involved.

What is make agile product? Why are you going to do ?,What will bring us agile? What values ​​we must be agile and work on them in case of not having ?. We need to align all in CULTURE AGILE for the product is completed successfully.

I recently certified as Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) in Toronto - Canada, and this is something that will bring me from there, from the beginning: Product Owner and Scrum Master are a whole in the product, culture and agile values. First to be aligned not only with the product, if not agile values ​​and culture, and second for each pollinate themselves, the team and the stakeholders.

Thus all are aligned, there is picaresque and everyone is looking good and the common good, the best viable product, something not always remains the main FOCUS.