Great team

With the teams annually, through the combination of personal maps we promote the creation of teams with real awareness of the team.

This technique is completely based on the personal maps detailed in the following link: In the first part through empathy maps, for each member of the team 3 bubbles are created, one for personal use, another for team purpose and a third for team purpose in the client or company.
Each member of the team works on its 3 bubbles, placing a minimum of 3 personal characteristics of personal purpose that it wants to contribute to the team, 3 characteristics of purpose of the team that wants to contribute or believes that the team should contribute, and finally 3 other characteristics of the purpose of the team. team that wants to contribute as a team for the client or the company.  

 Once this first round has been made, the previous results grouped by similarity are placed in 3 columns and each member of the team using vote-points selects 3 at most in each of the 3. 

The final recount is made and an awareness of "help" is established for the achievement of the individual objectives in the team, a "common" for the achievement of the team's objectives and a "transcendence" to help achieve participation in the team. Learning: As Jurgen Appelo explains, in this chapter of Jurgen Appelo's Managing for Happiness, people have to connect
with other people's work in order to get to know each other much better, epmathize and help each other
creating synergies that make them improve as a team.
The lessons learned are based on people, a team conscience is created, all being reflected in the learning
offered, constituting a collective conscience, and being able to help each other to achieve their purposes
that are for the good of the team, the companyand the clients.
Creating happy consciences on which to lean to establish an evolution in the teams.