Evolving into lego organizations and not puzzle organizations.

In this unexpected situation that we are experiencing a lot, we are talking about the ability to adapt. We could go into unperceived signals (weak signals or weak noise) that have not been taken into account to anticipate the crisis when it started in China, but that is another topic to deal with.

The current one is that already immersed in the crisis caused by the COVID-19 organizations to survive are no longer worth it with efficiency and agility, they have to go beyond even resilience, they have to get closer to antifragility. For this many organizations are matrix or making a metaphor like puzzles. They are pieces, silos, departments fitted in such a way that if a piece breaks, it disappears, perhaps it is possible to continue giving value, but not in the same way, because there is no adaptability even if one thinks so.

Rapid Reaction and Reconfiguration (RRR) must be promoted to be able to automatically reconfigure or restart ourselves, breaking as area, department, silo, etc., thinking about the global value. How we give value individually as an addition to a whole.

How to break the edges of bureaucracy and friction between areas to be self-contained in value generation, multiplied when we form the end-to-end for customer purpose.

Thus redesigning our value streams and our value chain (value stream design) always starting from the end (of the customer) towards the beginning (first point of value generation in the system). With new leadership, promoting self-leadership at all levels (not managers only) with distributed leadership in the organization that allows you to grow, mature and empower yourself as an individual in order to maximize customer value.

But with something very important, creating turning points, without waiting for a crisis like this, creating a safe environment for experimentation that simulates a possible crisis and that tests every lay part of the organization, in this way the behaviors (basic principle of an organizational culture) fostered will go towards responsibility, collaboration (between lego pieces), with results promoted by high-performance teams, with the development of leadership beyond empathy, well understood compassion and promoting how I mitigate or help resolve existing or caused pain.

About important and essential parts of the core company such as "attacking" or hacking with hypotheses, experiments and conclusions to improve to strengthen the system, with measures and countermeasures to learn to overcome any generic problem that may arise.

Referring to Leandro Herrero's article on viral change:

Also to the concept of Readiness widely used in medicine and other environments, such as business today: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/readiness.html