Change Agility



Change is happening faster than ever. Outcomes are uncertain, and the cycle of competition and innovation keeps pushing organizations to change more quickly.
Yesterday's linear approaches to change simply can't keep up with today's pace of change. Our Change Agility course is designed to help you completely change how you think about change.

The Change Agility course will give you the tools & big ideas to help you become an exceptional change agent by showing you how to:

  • Focus on co-creation over getting buy-in
  • Create a shared purpose people can believe in versus scaring them with false urgency
  • Create small experiments designed to jiggle your change loose when you feel stuck versus following the tasks in the plan
  • Separate the signal from the noise when people are reacting to the change versus blaming them for resisting it
  • Generate meaningful dialogue that moves change forward versus broadcasting information at people

Agile was designed for small software teams in 2001. This workshop is designed to help you architect and approach to change that is inspired by agile values and principles. It will help you:
  • Create a contextualized approach to change rooted in agile thinking
  • Understand the shift required to move away from doing change at people faster with agile and towards changing how you do change.
  • Understand how to integrate and work with agile teams and organizations.
  • Understand organizational forces that prevent change agility
  • Apply a simple problem solving framework designed to help you diagnose why your change is stuck, and how to get it unstuck.
At the end of this course you'll be able to:
  • Clearly articulate what Change Agility is, how to achieve it, and how to show your organization the power of true agility.
  • Create powerful interventions in your organization that create real, meaningful, and long-lasting change
  • Develop a contextual, "just-in-time" approach to change that focuses on value-delivery

How is the journey?

Price : 500 euros

We limit the size of the journey to 5-12 people for the best learning experience.

We give people the opportunity to review the exercises, reflect on their own context between sessions, and come back with scenarios to discuss in the group.

We do not recommend the 4 hour / 8 hour daily training, we do it if requested, but it is not recommended.

The journey, depending on the attendees, will be in Spanish or English.

Mid-level employees such as functional managers, product managers, coaches, consultants, team leaders, HR team members, change agents.

How can you participate in the online journey?

There are no prerequisites for this online journey, although it is recommended that the participant has knowledge or fundamentals of Change Management, Innovation, Leadership, Lean or Agile.
Some of the main technological requirements are listed below:
- Connection: Good internet connection.
- Equipment: Device to connect (i.e. PC, Laptop, Tablet).
- Video: Video camera for the sessions.
- Tools: Download and install Zoom on your computer.
- Materials: Have a Gmail account to use Google Drive.
- Platforms: Have a MURAL account. 


What will I receive? 

Slides. Presentation with the content of the journey modules.
Posters & Games. Materials to carry out the exercises and practices during the journey.
Ebooks. Digital books.
Certificate. Certificate of the journey.
Badges. Digital credential. 

Way to pay:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe (debit & credit cards) 
  • Wire transfer 

Contact to get more information if you need help.