post COVID19 leadership


Much has been said in this last year, of reinventing the way of working, of relating, of interacting, of the production model, etc., but we have not stopped to think that this necessary and imminent change should have happened before.

Resilience allows us to recover from an adverse situation (covid19), anti-fragility allows us to anticipate and prosper, to benefit from said situation, that was what was necessary.

Very few organizations have thought, prior to covid19, in a situation that would allow me to prosper if I anticipate, already developing new behaviors with a more human, people-centered leadership, to achieve the objectives and not the other way around. It is a good opportunity, since there has been no thought about how to benefit, how to at least be resilient and apply the lessons learned from the covid, finally humanizing ourselves.

Beyond "now we will be more global than ever", we will have to identify and locate talent anywhere on the planet, reskilling and upskilling plans or programs will not have to focus solely on technical knowledge but on new "soft skills ”,“ Powerful skills ”or“ adaptive skills ”, as we want to call them, but it is not that they are more necessary now than ever, it is that now there is awareness of this need to be covered.

The problem has been latent, only now it has been seen. We will not be able to cover much talent, there is not so much talent for the necessary demand in many organizations, nor by going to the globalization of talent, less if our production and leadership models have been obsolete during all this time, in many cases we will have to look within the companies, create alliances in sectors to row all in the same direction by changing behaviors, leadership and the work model.
There has been no choice but to go out and look for opportunities and make things happen, against what you may think, techniques like the ostrich, waiting for the storm to pass will not work this time, for anyone, and the That it continues like this is wrong, there is no commodity that can resist this change.
The universal principles have always been latent: trust, motivation, involvement, listening, ability to influence, and only through them will we reach the consequence that organizations want: profit and money, not the other way around.

It is important to eliminate fear, transferring this responsibility to the leaders, not their followers, not the teams.

Leaders have to step up once and for all, and instill new necessary behaviors in people, showing what to do, rather than telling people what to do. With this mentality, creating such behaviors by example, people learn to create, to eliminate non-value or waste, to focus on creating value, without the need for corporate policies, command and control, without the need to punish bad behaviors , with a greater impact and in a sustainable way.

To do this, we have to evolve towards active and attentive listening, to quickly implement any existing good idea and follow up to verify the improvement of said idea. A leader must never give up, he must raise the flag until the last minute.

Dr. Deming, in his extensive experience, focused on creating constancy of purpose, there are companies that have no purpose or do not transmit it to their employees, always to improve products and services, from the corporate level to the teams, adopt a new work philosophy, stop relying on inspection to achieve quality, through our own commitment, constantly and forever improving all planning, production and service processes, breaking down the barriers between areas. For this, a culture of improvement must be established through training, leadership and expelling the fear of failure, because everyone is part of the company.

There is no organizational culture, culture is the sum of the attitude and behaviors of the employees, so you can never evolve without a structure and discipline created. If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, do not bother trying to make them think like that, give them the tools whose use leads to new ways of thinking, things are never changed by fighting against existing things, always building models that convert in obsolete the previous models always helped with a couple of simple questions every day: How can I help you? What can I do today that adds value to my company?