My journeys

Consult conditions for groups of 5 or more people.  
The certifications will not be issued until the amount is collected. 
All journeys are online, If you want in person contact.

(700 euros)
I make available to people the knowledge, experience and learning done as Shingo-San Sempai (Ritsuo Shingo), Toyota Sensei, who died on April 19, 2023.  
I have put all the love, respect and admiration towards him, in the creation of this course.

The unFIX model journey 

(500 euros)

because unFIX is NOT a framework. The definition of “framework” suggests an essential supporting structure. But there is nothing essential in unFIX. Everything is optional. A better description would be a pattern library.

(500 euros)
I offer a journey to create and develop a new change management approach with collaboration and purpose in the transformation of your company, process, teams.  

(500 euros)

I offer a journey to develop the Change Agility in your company.

(from 300 to 500 euros)
I offer a journey to redefine leadership, managing the system, not the people.

(500 euros)
 I offer a journey to create and develop a agility mindset in Humane Resources in your company.  

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